I really am terrible at writing this, this time around.

So Saturday i went into to Cape Town to see Lucy whom i have known for a very long time, she joined the Marine Conservation project on Monday in Gansbaai. Little did i know when i decided to wear flip flops for the day that i would be walking 21.5km… Who does that? It was a lovely day, we walked around the VA Waterfront and headed to the Two Ocean Aquarium. Was super nice to see her and i really hope she is having a wonderful time in Gansbaai.

Now at SANCCOB its been crazy busy, chicks chicks and more chicks. I have been lucky enough to be on the penguin pens alot of the time. This means i am now allowed to feed, tube and administer medication to the birds. It also means my finger is not happy because it is used to keep the penguins beak open whilst doing these things… It led me to be put on ICU for the day yesterday, more cleaning and moving birds around then feeding etc… Until i was pulled off to help feed in pen 2 twice. I also had a stupid bug bite that meant that i ended up in the pharmacy because i was clearly silly allergic to what ever it was. Now i have been bit by mozzies before in actual fact i had a bite on my leg last week that was like the size of a 2p coin… The bite on my arm engulfed my elbow… I am just not lucky. Oh and to top it off i was giving the pelican darrows, which literally meant sticking my arm in its mouth anddddd the little or not so little guy bit me… future reference it hurts and i bled.

Today was a well needed day off and i ended up yet again at the wetlands. It is super pretty there and so peaceful, this time around i was lucky enough to see a Black Shouldered Kite.