Busy few days if you ask me! Sunday i finally got put on a penguin pen. The pen where all the strongest and nearest to release birds go… This can only mean one thing, super sore and super bruised hands. Don’t get me wrong SANCCOB do make sure everyone wears arm guards and gloves… but if you have ever been bit by a penguin before you know this will only stop the cuts. You have to be super quick and really sure of yourself and your own stregth because these birds are strong and will get you when you least expect it!

Yesterday i was in the ICU. This is where all the sickest birds go! Its always going to be a busy day! I was lucky though i was shown how to force feed (sounds horrible, but these birds lives literally depend on it) a Hartlaubs Gull. SANCCOB are great when it comes to training. I have had experience all be it only a little with working with penguins, yet they treat everyone the same and teach you from the beginning. When you learn something you get signed off. For instance i can handle penguins, cape cormorants, kelp gulls and hartlaubs gull, but can only currently feed a hartlaubs gull. I will eventually be shown feeding of other birds and also hopefully tubing and medication. 🙂

Today was another day off, i again ended up at Rietvlei Wetlands! I love the place! I left at around 9 as i wanted to get there super early. I was so lucky today! I managed to see so much wildlife, including a Malachite Kingfisher and a mongoose! The place is by far one of my favourite places ever! It is so peaceful and relaxing! One problem though was today it hit 31 degrees… this means bugs…. Lots and lots of bugs… NO THANK YOU!