I have officially been back in South Africa for 1 week! Its gone really quick and has been super busy.

Day 1 – I was dropped off at SANCCOB and put on mat and crates… Basically everything gets cleaned once and day. You jet wash everything then disinfect it, it then all goes back to where it came from.

Day 2 – General duties, this means basically you are in the kitchen area, prepping everything for each of the pens throughout the day… This could be formula, fish plates, darrows, syringe cleaning, normal cleaning and laundry. It is crazy busy in this section just because of the pure number of birds there are at the moment.

Day 3 – Pen 1 and Aviary 🙂 Basically these are the flying birds… For instance at the moment there are cape cormorants and kelp gulls. You get shown how to handle them properly (have handled cormorants and kelp gulls before) and then with your small team of 2/3 people are left to care for the birds throughout the day. For these guys that means food prep, tubing for darrows if needed (this is something i will get taught eventually) swimming the birds twice a day and general cleaning duties. Oh i also got taught how to catch a pelican and was allowed to restrain it whilst medication was given. 🙂

Day 4 – Nursery, this has been by far the most enjoyable day since being back! It is like being on general yet on a more chilled level. Though in this instance i was incredibily lucky, i was shown how to work the nebuliser and shown how to handle the chicks (not normally something you do) and then left unsuperviser to move the chicks from the outside pen, into the nebuliser 7 at a time and then into the indoor pen. I got to handle 41 ish chicks! Over half of which needed to be put in the nebuliser. I really do i hope i get placed on this section more, i’d love to be shown how they are tubed and fed!

CHICKS ARE SO FLUFFY. But they do still bite and it still leaves a mark.