So yesterday i arrived in Cape Town! Leaving my mum and twin at the airport still didn’t make it feel real, sitting on the plane for 12 hours didn’t make it feel real. But here i am! Day 2!

Yesterday i must admit i was a bit of a mess, no sleep since the night before does that to a person. So what do i do… Hike up Table Mountain! CLEVER! It was the most stupidist idea ever, but the company was fun and we made it… Me and Charlotte started hiking in glorious sunshine and walked/hiked straight to the clouds. For me this was fun (the clouds part) i have been up TM before and the views were incredible. To be up there in the clouds though was completely insane! Cold and insane.

Today was the day i was booked for my paraglide. Now for those that don’t know i have spent the last 6 months raising money for the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary in Gansbaai! The paraglide was to mark the end of the fundraising period (i did pay out of my own money) and there to be more of an incentive for people to donate… It worked i can now say that i went out hoping to raise £300 but have actually raised £940! Now when i woke up this morning i could see people up in the air over Lions Head and i received a text saying that due to wind conditions flying had been postponed! Though i must admit that i was pretty devasted that it might now happen. But have faith…  i had a call at 11 to ask if i wanted to fly at 12. YES PLEASE! It was the most incredible thing i have ever done.. Don’t get me wrong the 10 min hike to the launch site nearly killed me after yesterday. But i really can non describe how incredible it is to be able to say you flew higher than Lions Head! The conditions were perfect and when i land i find out that the rest of the flights have been cancelled due to wind! I was so lucky not only to be able to experience what i did but to be able to fly today! THANK YOU everyone that has donated or shared my fundraising page, the money will ALL go towards the penguins and a small share for the DEEP childrens club in Gansbaai!